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Recipe in order to beat China


We are down to the Top 8 teams. All games starting the quarterfinals will be knockout games. I am an optimist and I give my all out support for our National Basketball Team, Smart Gilas. Watching the games of China, I know they are beatable but Smart Gilas should have an almost perfect game in order to beat China if they reach the finals.

Recipe in order to beat China:
– Less than 10 turnovers
– Around 7-10 three pointers
– 80% Free Throw shooting
– 50% 2-point Field Goal
– Yi Jianlian must be in foul trouble
– More than 20 assists for Smart Gilas
– More than 8 steals
– More than 12 fast break points

My FIBA Asia Championship Predictions
Quarterfinals – Fri, September 23, 2011
Iran vs Jordan – 1:30pm (Winner Iran)
Japan vs Korea – 3:30pm (Winner Korea)
Chinese-Taipei vs Philippines – 6pm (Winner Philippines)
China vs Lebanon – 8pm (Winner China)

Semifinals – Sat, September 24, 2011
Iran vs Philippines (Winner Philippines)
Korea vs China (Winner China)

Finals – Sun, September 25, 2011
China vs Philippines (Winner Philippines)