Extend Coach Rajko Toroman

Coach Rajko Toroman

Smart Gilas Pilipinas ends the FIBA Asia Championship with a big 2 point loss to Korea. Even though we only placed 4th in the 2011 FIBA Asia, the team had a good run in this tournament. And we give credit to Coach Rajko Toroman who placed the system and challenged our players to adopt to a different style of basketball. Now that his contract is ending, I think we should retain Toroman for at least 2-3 more years.

Who wants Coach Rajko Toroman to still coach the Smart Gilas team?

3 thoughts on “Extend Coach Rajko Toroman”

  1. I too have been following the Smart Gilas team. It goes without saying that it was the no-nonsense, systematic and long-term approach taken by Coach Toroman and the SBP that made his working with players who are not even our best players a good team. He also inspired his players and inspired people like me that the Philippines basketball is finally trying to do things in a systematic prepared manner.l Rajko Toroman should definitely be retained. He is a fresh breath in the political disunited world of Philippine basketball.

  2. The teamwork that the Smart Gilas displayed, the systmatic plays, was a joy to watch in contrast to the individualistic rah-rah plays you often see in PBA games. PBA basketball is an inferior individualistic show-biz way of playing basketball that is in a sense one big commercial for the companies that they represent. And you know how commercials are.

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